International Bluegrass Music Museum on the Move

by | 1 Sep, 2010

News from the International Bluegrass Music Museum:

Owensboro Kentucky – city officials recently announced changes for the downtown and riverfront redevelopment project that will feature a huge convention centre, entertainment arena, outdoor amphitheatre, new hotel complex, parks, gardens, fountains, new restaurants and in all likelihood, an International Bluegrass Music Center that would triple the current museum’s existing space.

The plan proposes moving the International Bluegrass Music Museum from its present location to the old State Building on 2nd and Frederica, which would place it squarely at the center of the two main arteries in town and triple its current size.  This would make bluegrass music the centerpiece of the entire city of Owensboro, with great benefit to the Museum and its amazing collection of artifacts.

This is a developing story, so stay tuned for more information about how you can help.

Are you ready to come help us move? We may have a party and invite you all to come form a LONG line of people all the way across 4 city blocks, passing boxes from one person to the next, with bluegrass bands in the streets keeping us perked and ready. We’re going to really be working on a building, getting it ready for you to come visit.