Imbil Pickathon

by | 17 Mar, 2010 | 1 comment

Here’s a New Opportunity for Pickers

Wendy Holman has advised us that she is organising the first of what she hopes to be an annual event to promote and encourage picking. So here’s an opportunity for pickers of bluegrass and old timey instruments to gather amid  15 acres of sensitively landscaped, rural bush along the banks of beautiful Yabba Creek in Imbil, and pick ’til yer fingers bleed.

This is an acoustic music event featuring bluegrass and old time instruments. Please note no percussion instruments (spoons, borans, drums, tambourines etc) However, all instruments generally associated with traditional bluegrass and old-time music are welcome – Wendy Holman.


Borumba Deer Park/Caravan Park near Borumba Dam, Imbil, Queensland. We will be sited in Sherwood Forest area of the deer park and have asked for the curfew to be lifted for the weekend so night owls can pick on. (Folks camping or in caravans outside Sherwood Forest are still subject to the curfew, so no late night picking except in Sherwood Forest please. Normal people will be trying to sleep.)


Fri 21st to Sun 23rd May. Arrive at Deer Park at lunchtime Friday and depart by mid-afternoon Sunday at the latest, or pay for an extended stay.


Accommodation costs are payable to the Borumba Deer Park direct. Because there are no performances or workshops there will be no charge for attending this event.

For furter information, booking details and location visit the website

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  1. Robert Antolik

    Three cheers to Wendy for organising such an event. I cannot attend this time because of overseas travel but will do so if it is held again. It is good to see some of these jam style gatherings reaching to the wide bay area that is so devoid of interest in traditional music. I am in the Hervey Bay and feel totally isolated.