Illawarra Festival Volunteer Applications Open

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Illawarra Folk Festival

Illawarra Folk Festival Calls For Volunteers

2023 Illawarra Folk Festival Volunteer Applications are now open and will close 25 November 2022.

Festival organisers are continually looking for volunteers to help us run the music festival. So if you think the following might suit you, then please let them know.

What to Expect Asa Volunteer:

Volunteering for the 2023 Festival Means:

▪ Helping present a world renowned music, dance and spoken word event
▪ Supporting folk music in Australia
▪ Learning and developing event management skills
▪ Making new friends
▪ Creating memories of good times.

As a volunteer team member you would be involved in carrying-out activities and tasks that are essential to ensuring the successful conduct of this vibrant and exciting festival.
There is a wide range of activities that need to be covered and volunteer positions will therefore cater for a variety of interests, qualifications and abilities.

Areas that need to be covered include:

  • Festival Bar, Traffic Control, Waste Management, Festival Shop / Merchandise,
  • Instrument Lock-up, Volunteer Kitchen, MCs/Venue Management, Festival Office,
  • Artist Registration, Volunteer Registration, Cleaning / Hygiene, Set-up/Pack-down,
  • Camping Co-ordination, Security, Raffles, First Aid.

So if you want the heart of the Illawarra Folk Festival to beat on and if you feel you have the enthusiasm and necessary skills for any of these positions, then please use the  Volunteer Application Form.

For your information, the upcoming version of the Illawarra Folk Festival will essentially be half the size of the last event, which was held in 2020. Organisers have explained that unlike previous years, the festival does not have any major grants or funding and therefore will be relying on tickets sales to support the planned event. The festival is presented by volunteers from the Illawarra Folk Club and friends.

If you would like to keep up to date on folk happenings in the Illawarra area and the Illawarra Folk Festival sign up for their newsletter or follow their facebook page.

The Illawarra Folk Festival is a community based (non-profit) and organised effort arranged by the Illawarra Folk Club.

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  1. Alison Hickey

    I am interested in any required volunteering activities. I recently volunteered at the Hood Things festival in Sydney where I qorjed at the front gate, putting armbands on people