IBMA Seminars Available

by | 26 Oct, 2008

IBMA announces that recordings of the business seminars held at this year’s IBMA Conference are being made available for $15 each. Seminar topics are listed below:

  • Building a Brand (Peter D’Addario, Brandi Hart, Brian Vance, Chris Harris, Missy Raines)
  • When, Why & How to Write a Good Press Release (Karen Byrd, Phyllis Stark, Deborah Evans Price, Vernell Hackett, Molly Nagel)
  • Trends in Independent Record Label Management (Al McCree, Garry West, Tom Riggs, Paul Roper)
  • Bluegrass Workshops & Camps (Cindy Sinclair, Alan Munde, Stephen Ruffo, Ira Gitlin)
  • IBMA Strategic Plans & Goals for the Next Four Years (Greg Cahill, Stan Zdonik, Jon Weisberger)
  • Grant Writing for Artists & More – It’s Not as Scary as It Sounds (Susan Newberry) Guerilla Street Team Marketing Techniques (Brad Lovejoy)
  • Sound Exchange & More: Getting Paid for your Music in the Digital Age (Neeta Ragoowansi, Kyle Cantrell, Michael J. Huppe, Earle Simmons)
  • How & When to Syndicate Your Radio Show (Gene Skinner, Mark Wilson, Cindy Baucom)
  • Hybrid Bluegrass Festivals: A Ticket to Growth? (Leah Ross)
  • Event Contract Issues (Richard Tucker, Don Tucker, Keith Case)
  • Open Forum: The Future of the Bluegrass Industry, Continuing the Dialogue (Trisha Tubbs, Brian Smith, Craig Havighurst, JT Turner, Rob Ickes, Sam Passamano)
  • Product Endorsements (Steve Simmons, Ben Cole, Janet Deering)
  • Improving Your Stage Show: A Performance Coaching Session (Guest band: The Farewell Drifters), presented by Tom Jackson
  • Vocal Clinic for Young Singers (Stephen Mougin)
  • How to MC a Bluegrass Event (Joe Mullins)

For orders of 4-11 seminar topics, the price is $12.50 each. For orders of 12 or more seminars (including those from past years, see, the individual price goes down to $10 each.

Please order online from IBMA website If you prefer to order by mail, please send a note detailing the seminars you want along with a check made out to IBMA and mail it to: Recorded Seminars, c/o IBMA, 2 Music Circle South, Ste. 100, Nashville, TN 37203, USA.