IBMA News for Members

by | 23 Dec, 2014

IMBALogoThe Board wants to make sure that you know what we’re doing to move forward in getting our business done and building closer and stronger relations between the IBMA’s members and leaders. To that end, I or a designated substitute will be giving regular (or close to it) updates over the coming weeks. Except where we ask for responses to be sent to a specific address or addresses, your thoughts and comments are always welcome at su*********@ib**.org, and by your Board members (just click on a name to open an email to that member)

This week’s update will be the last for 2014. The office will be closed from December 23rd through January 1st, reopening on the 2nd. Look for our next update on January 5. Happy holidays.

1. As reported last week, we’re moving forward in the search for a new Executive Director. In addition to completing our first interview round, we’re looking at options for conducting a more extensive search and for interim executive staffing while that’s being done. One option that may be available to us is to retain our outgoing E.D., Nancy Cardwell, as a short-term consultant, to help ensure that all vital needs are met as we make progress toward hiring a new E.D.

2. In the meantime, after the Executive Committee had an opportunity to comment, Nancy has reconfigured job assignments in our office, including the reassignment of Convention Services responsibilities to Eddie Huffman. We’re also looking at getting an additional person into the office during this transition period, with a “general assistance” portfolio.

3. Our IT Advisory Committee has made recommendations for reopening the IBMA members google group as a moderated list with a code of conduct and a mechanism by which subscribers can refer to the moderators posts which they believe violate that code. The Executive Committee has reviewed and accepted the recommendations. Look for the list to reopen within 24 hours; the opening message will be the Committee’s report, including the code of conduct.

4. We have complete membership figures for November. Compared to November, 2013, we are up in both professional and grassroots memberships – 99 new or renewed professional memberships vs. 85, and 44 new or renewing grassroots members vs. 29 in 2013.

5. The Awards Task Force chaired by Greg Cahill, with a broad mandate to review our current awards criteria and processes and make recommendations for revision, held its latest teleconference on the 18th. The Board will take up those recommendations once they’re made; given the importance of the awards, and therefore the need for thorough review and discussion, any changes will most likely take effect in the 2016 awards cycle.

6. The Bylaws Committee, chaired by Board Secretary Regina Derzon (Associations), would like to get any further input from members concerning proposed amendments by December 29. Please send your emails to the entire committee (emails listed in the December 8 “Update from Board of Directors”) or to Regina (de****@ve*****.net) for distribution to the committee.

7. The IBMA Board of Directors will be holding its next meeting on the afternoons of January 7 and January 8 via teleconference. Here are the items on the agenda:

a. Executive Director search and staffing updates
b. Review of WoB financial reports and FY 2014-15 projections, including the part-time membership specialist expenditure that was suspended on the recommendation of the Finance Committee in September
c. Ratification of Executive Committee actions (google group moderation, etc.)
d. Awards Task Force progress report
e. Grammy nominations (can the IBMA help to ensure a sufficient pool of candidates?)
f. Appointments to fill unexpired terms of Board-appointed at-large Directors
g. Bylaws amendment (offering the option of filling short-term vacancies in member-elected seats by member election)
h. Focus and direction of business conference

Please direct your comments on these directly to your Board members. Email addresses may be found at