IBMA Discussion List Temporary Closure

by | 10 Dec, 2014

IMBALogoDear IBMA Members list subscriber,

In recent days, the integrity and usefulness of this list as a forum in which members can discuss IBMA issues have been
compromised by posts which transgress the spirit of our values (see The Board is particularly concerned
about incivility toward members of our staff – our employees, who are entitled to a non-hostile work environment – but we are more
generally concerned about incivility directed toward any member. To serve its purpose, the list must maintain an atmosphere respectful to all.

In the interest of fostering the creation of such an atmosphere, the Executive Committee, acting on the Board’s behalf, has decided
to suspend list activity through Sunday, December 14. During this period, we will investigate ways in which we can reopen
posting without resuming the incivility, including the possibility of restructuring the list as a “moderated” one, in which each post
must be approved before it is distributed to subscribers.

In the meantime, members wishing to express their views directly to Board members may do so by direct email to any or all of us;
our email addresses are listed below.

Board Of Directors, IBMA:

Alan Bartram,
Becky Buller,
Danny Clark,
Jamie Deering,
Regina Derzon,
John Goad,
William Lewis,
Stephen Mougin,
Joe Mullins,
Brian Smith,
Ben Surratt,
Tim Surrett,
Angelika Torrie,
Jon Weisberger, –