Ian Main on Wirrina Festival

by | 8 Jul, 2012

Ian Main speaks about the inaugural Wirrina Bluegrass Festival.

I’ve heard people saying Bluegrass is too country to be folk and others saying it’s too folk to be country. Well, I agree. That’s how the idea of the Wirrina Bluegrass festival came about. There are a couple of more good reasons why Bluegrass is the focal point of the Wirrina Festival. The music just sounds so good, but it’s also about how the music is physically created. Bluegrass music was born in front of a microphone but is played with totally acoustic instruments. I believe you can’t get a better combination for great live concerts.

Now don’t get me wrong I like both Country and Folk music especially when traditional instruments are used. So just as you hear a bit of Bluegrass at any good Country or Folk festival you will be able to hear a mix of Bluegrass’s acoustic cousins at Wirrina.

The other thing that Bluegrass is famous for is its jam-sessions. These will be a big part of the Wirrina Bluegrass festival. We will have sessions that are lead by the festivals finest Bluegrass musicians. These we will program so you don’t miss out on your chance to play along with them. We have also created the spaces for those all important impromptu sessions to happen. If you play an acoustic instrument just bring it along.   Just a little warning though, after you have played in a session or two you will want to play more Bluegrass music because it’s just so much fun. That’s what happened to me.