Help Identify This Tune

by | 27 Apr, 2012 | 3 comments

One of our readers is seeking help in identifying some fiddle tunes. The video below shows three people play a set of tunes on fiddle and piano. It is different in that two of them are playing both fiddle and piano.

Our reader has been able to identify two of the musicians as Germain Leduc and Danny Perualt, but not the tunes being played and is asking our readers to help.

So here’s a challenge for you fiddle and old-time music players. Name those tunes.

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  1. Germain Leduc

    Comment: Hello, my name is Germain Leduc from Quebec (Canada) and I with Danny Perreault are the two fiddlers on the video, and on the piano is Pauline Chartrand (left hand).
    The two tunes that we play on this video are “Polka de Caraquet” (small village in New-Brunswick) also referred to as “Fiddle String Polka” and the other one is “Boil Them Cabbage Down”. More of Germain Leduc can be seen on

    • Greg McGrath

      Thanks Germain,
      I have sent your comment on to Neil who was seeking to know the names of the tunes.


  2. Lachie Davidson

    The tune towards the end with the double shuffle is Boil Them Cabbage Down