Heather Mandich On The International Airwaves

by | 25 Feb, 2009

heathermandichHeather Mandich while not pursuing her musical interests with her band The Southern Alliance, is devoting time to producing and presenting a radio show on www.worldwidebluegrass.com.

Heather has become the second Aussie host to take up a regular spot on www.worldwidebluegrass.com with her Bluegrass Downunder Show. It goes to air on Tuesdays at 10:00pm EST (Wednesday 2:00pm local time). Heather tells us that while her show is geared towards an American audience, its sole intent is to try to expose overseas audiences to Aussie and Kiwi Grass.

Heather launched her show on the 11th February and it has already gathered a large following of American and Canadian listeners who have responded very positively to our Aussie style of bluegrass music. Heather’s biggest hurdle has been providing enough Australian and New Zealand content to really personalise the show as Downunder Grass.

Heather reports that listeners reactions Downunder have also been very positive – many saying they enjoy being exposed to a lot of fresh bluegrass that is available in the states.

I am desperate for more material from our grassers – the material does not need to be newly released as much of the grass recorded in Aussie, may have received the overseas exposure it deserved. The aim of the show is to provide a forum for Australian and Kiwi grass with the hope of generating interest from overseas and hopefully leading to recording and touring possibilities in the future for our home-grown bands.
I am also urging Australian and Kiwi artists to submit their material so they can be included in my play lists, and to come into the WWB chat room during the show so they can meet their audience and be able to measure the reaction to their music. I’d also like artists to keep me up to date with their touring so I can promote live gigs in the show too. One day, I would like to have a second show that is aimed at exposing Aussie listeners to more American bluegrass. There are so many amazing bands putting out great material, much of which has not been available in Australia. By creating new followings for this music we may well increase bluegrass music distribution in Australia. That’s great news for Aussie grassers. Heather Mandich.

Bluegrass Downunder also has its own myspace address