Heartland, Tommy Webb

by | 14 Mar, 2009

tommywebbRural Rhythm Records has announced the release of the new album by Tommy Webb titled, Heartland.

The upcoming album includes 12 songs, several written by Tommy Webb, and also includes two strong songs, re-mixed and re-mastered, from his previous two albums: If It Weren’t For Bluegrass Music (I’d Go Crazy), that reached #4 on the Bluegrass Unlimited Top 30 Singles Chart and A Hard Row to Hoe.

Musicians on the album include:  Tommy Webb (lead vocals, guitar, clawhammer banjo); Chris Goble (banjo, harmony vocals); Kenny O’Quinn (mandolin, harmony vocals); Danny Stiltner (bass, harmony vocals); Ron Stewart (fiddle, mandolin, resonator guitar, bass, harmony vocals); and Sherri Stewart (harmony vocals).

Tommy Webb is one of those rare ‘Down to Earth, No Sugar Coating’ talents that only comes along once in a grand while that grabs you and makes you listen. This is the third CD of Tommy’s that I have been a part of, and from that first time I hit the record button and heard him sing, I knew that I, along with the rest of the bluegrass and acoustic music world, would be hearing a lot more from this guy, and hopefully I would be involved. CD Producer Ron Stewart.