Harrietville 2013 Proceeds.

by | 26 Mar, 2013 | 10 comments

Hville13Plans are underway for the 2013 Harrietville Bluegrass and Old Time Music gathering.

Following news of the festival’s demise earlier this year, local townsfolk and several bluegrass and old timey enthusiasts rallied around to take up the challenge to deliver a  festival event in Harrietville for 2013.

The Feathertop Chalet has been selected for the event which will utilise their accommodation options and their several venues and spaces. The festival date has been set for the fourth weekend in November (22nd to 24th Nov), a week later than normal, due to the availability of the venue.  Feathertop Chalet management has been working with the committee and are keen to extend a warm welcome to the bluegrass and old timey event and its returning to the chalet.

Also being proposed for the November weekend is a meeting at the festival to discuss the possibility of forming an Australian Bluegrass and Old Time Music Assoc.

While details of artists and performance schedules have not been finalised, organisers felt it important to notify people of their plans to date so that those holding bookings for the third weekend of November can change their dates and travel plans.

While we have listed the room costs for the Feathertop Chalets below, accommodation will be available across Harrietville as has been the case in times past.

Feathertop Chalet has sent through their accommodation price list:

Guests per RoomCost per night
Twin Share$180.00
3 – 4 visitors$228.00
5 – 7 visitors$350.00

A 10% room discount will apply to guests which stay three nights. The above price includes:

  • Continental breakfast
  • Bath towels and linen

We’ll continue to posts news of any developments as they eventuate.


  1. Gary White

    Well done to the brave and dedicated folk that want this great event to continue.
    The Strzelecki Stringbusters will be there to support in any way can.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Ken McMaster

    Actually, it’s not a weeklater- the third Friday is 21.11. Pay attention,folks.lol

    • Greg McGrath

      You lost me there Ken. Fourth weekend on my calendar puts it at 21st to 24th November 2013…

    • Geoff bridgland

      Well then, Old South Bluegrass will make the trip from Adelaide Town anytime you run the fest, and will play all weekend wherever, whenever!

  3. Dawn

    As a a huge Country music Fan Please do not let this event die…Too many peole heading off in different directions…This is an institution..What is wrong with Local Government, State Governments and Federal Governments If it was a sporting event it would be different
    ..Where is the support for events such as this…And if you love this or any music Get behind this event and make it happen. Use it or lose it ….Ask not what this event can do for you but what can you do for this event!!!!!!

  4. Harro Skapinskas

    It is starting to look like various “splinter” groups are being formed. This I feel can only harm Bluegrass and Old Timey Music in Australia. Seems ridiculous that you may have to join several Bluegrass Associations to be part of the Bluegrass scene in this country. Surely all Bluegrass and Old Timey events could be carried out under one banner by different groups.

    • Lachie Davidson

      Bluegrass is growing faster than ever in Australia currently. My band is a member of the IBMA, Music Victoria, APRA, AMOCS, PPCA, AIR (Australian Independent Record Label Association) and the CMAA. We make a career of bluegrass and are not a member of any bluegrass association in Australia.
      “Surely all Bluegrass and Old Timey events could be carried out under one banner by different groups.” – that’s what the new group is working towards!

  5. Hunter & Suzy Owens

    But there is already an organisation called the “Bluegrass and Traditional Country Music Society of Australia”! Here is a link to the website: http://www.bluegrassoldtimeaustralia.org/

  6. Geoff bridgland

    Old South Bluegrass will be there!