Guildford Banjo Jamboree 2012

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The Guildford Banjo Jamboree in Central Victoria is a gathering of musicians and music lovers and scheduled for 21st to 23rd Sep. 2012.

It was conceived in 2004 to showcase the banjo in its many forms and related styles. The emphasis has been on American string band music (Bluegrass, Old-timey, Appalachian, Jugband, Hawaiian and Blues) but the programme also encompasses other styles such as Celtic, Klezmer, Jazz and contemporary music. The Jamboree includes concerts, workshops, a dance, a parade, a Gospel sing-along, a banjo makers display, and many, many jam sessions.

A great spirit of celebration has pervaded the town during each of the past eight Jamborees and, whether on stage or in the jam sessions, the music from an enormous array of instruments and voices has been top class. Of course the Banjo is always King – as well it should be!

The Jamboree is organised and run by volunteers, and is hugely supported by the townsfolk of Guildford and surrounds. All our musicians, MCs and dance callers give their time and talents in return for a weekend pass and they work hard to make sure that the crowds get well and truly more than their money’s worth.

The Jamboree owes much of its success to local residents, businesses and organisations. Each year a percentage of excess funds is donated back to organisations such as the CFA, the Hall, the John Powell Reserve and the Primary School.

Organisers appreciate any assistance anyone can offer before, during and after the Jamboree. Anyone wishing to volunteer some time can contact them at: vo********@ba***********.org The full volunteer offer form is on the Guildford Banjo Jamborre Website.

Further information can be obtained from the website at or by emailing in**@ba***********.org" target="_blank">in**@ba***********.org or phoning 03 5473 4201.

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