Grundy Banjo Gathering

by | 16 Jul, 2008

six-grundy-banjosEarlier this month we brought you the story of the Banjo workshops in Numeralla organised by Peter Jackson. Of particular note at this workshop was the fact that six of the banjo players at the workshop were all playing that same brand of banjo – Grundy. The banjos were made by the workshop facilitator Laurie Grundy.

The picture (right) shows the six banjo owners gathered in Numerella NSW.

I’ve always believed that the pre-war classic era resonator banjo format is the best configuration for a bluegrass five string banjo and I build my instruments using that system. The main difference in my banjos is that I use the same 1934 formula alloy in all three major hardware items, (tone ring, flange and tension hoop), whereas pot metal was used in pre-war banjo flangesLaurie Grundy.