Gruhn Guitars Take On Duff Mandolins

by | 4 Feb, 2010

Gruhn Guitars has taken on distribution of Duff Mandolins. Western Australian luthier Paul Duff will now have his highly sought after instruments available through one of the worlds most notable instruments dealers in Nashville Tennessee – Gruhn Guitars. This makes Duff Mandolins available through three USA music outlets including Elderly Instruments and Mandolin Central.

Paul told us of his recent experience while on tour with Bluegrass Parkway last year where George Gruhn bought one of Paul’s instruments. In fact he purchased the very mandolin which Paul was using on tour.  George fell for the instrument after hearing it and offered to take it after Paul had finished the tour. Paul delivered the instrument and it sold within a few weeks. George then bought another which was shipped to the USA just prior to the IBMA annual showcase. Four days later, that one sold too. Gruhn Guitars has since purchased a further two mandolins which they have taken delivery of and has agreed to become one of three Duff Mandolin distributors in the USA.

Gruhn Guitars claim to always have the world’s premier collections of vintage and used fretted instruments. Further, Gruhn Guitars also claim that if you  need information or advice about buying an instrument, their sales staff are one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the vintage world.