Greencards In Chicago

by | 9 May, 2011

News on the Greencards from the Chicagoist Online.

Here’s a report on the Greencards from Chicago:

Australia is probably one of the last places one expects bluegrass music to take hold. But it isn’t surprising, given the music’s roots in English and Irish folk music. Carol Young and Kym Warner, the driving forces behind Nashville-based the Greencards, both come to bluegrass honestly and with solid pedigrees.

Bassist/vocalist Young won the Australian Independent Country Artist of the Year award in 2000 and was nominated by the Australian Country Music Association for Best Female Vocalist. Warner is a multi-instrumentalist (and master mandolin player) whose father was one of the men who pioneered bluegrass music Down Under. Young and Warner both worked in Kasey Chambers’s band before migrating to Austin and, eventually, Nashville…

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