Greg Deering Downunder

by | 25 Nov, 2008

deeringSubmitted by Jill Earnshaw – SA

Greg Deering recently toured a number of Australian capital cities conducting workshops. I recently caught up with Jill Earnshaw from South Australia who has kindly provided the following summary of the workshop held there:

Greg made us welcome and was only too happy to answer our questions. His stories of life and banjo making showed that he has worked extremely hard to get where he is, at the top of his field. It also showed us that if at first you don’t succeed, keep on trying. That’s what he did and that’s why he is where he is today.

No questions fazed him, he just sat there telling us of his life in the music world and how he started in his early college days. He just kept tinkering away and explaining as he went. I was the only lady in the audience and I felt a little uncertain about asking questions. I was just happy to soak up all I could.

Greg wanted to demonstrate that there was no need to be afraid of:
1. Tightening the head. He actually tightened it until it cracked.
2. Taking the banjo apart and putting on a new head and getting it to the correct tension.
3. Putting on new strings, getting the bridge into the correct position.
4. Tuning the Banjo and being able to start playing .This was all done in such a short time.

I have since taken my banjo apart, which I would not have felt comfortable doing, before watching this demonstration. It has certainly made me more confident in handling my banjo and attempting to do some things myself.

It was a very interesting evening, showing us that we can service our own Banjo.
I have to say his pick holder (a cane toad bag was a real talking point).

During the evening we had a short break for refreshments and during this time we were entertained by some of South Australian music icons.

If this opportunity ever comes to Australia again, make an effort to get to see this demonstration, even if you only pick up one thing it makes it all worth while.

What a way to spend an evening.
Thank you to Derringers Music store for hosting Greg Deering
Meet the Maker while he is touring around Australia.