Greencards’ Update

by | 20 Feb, 2009

greecardsThe Greencards’ latest newsletter heralds a new-look website designed around the artwork from their new album Fascination, which will be released in April 2009.

You can also see the new pictures and new touring dates on their Myspace, site and like the rest of the world now have a page on Facebook, so there really is no excuse for not knowing where we are and what they’re doing.

The trio also have an interview available on their new website where they delve into issues such as the musical inspiration for their new album, their favourite tracks, some history on the band and their recent Grammy nomination.

I feel that ‘Fascination’ is the theme to this record. We tried different things; we were always looking at being tasteful and interesting, while being conscious about putting our own spin on things. The song itself was one we wrote on the road in the earlier stages of writing for this album and I believe it set the tone for things to follow – Kym Warner