Golden Fiddle Awards

by | 9 Jul, 2009

Australian and New Zealand Awards

Here’s an award which I had never heard of until tipped of by Andrew Clermont this week, who happens to be one of the Award’s directors.

The Golden Fiddle Awards is the first awards system embracing all musical styles, which focuses on nurturing, supporting and rewarding the wealth of violin playing, performance and composing talent in Australia and New Zealand.The awards aim to recognise players, composers and teachers of classical, folk, rock, jazz, punk, Celtic, country, bluegrass and alternate violin.

Award directors, Marcus Holden, fellow player Andrew Clermont and fiddle manufacturer Mark Mitchell, decided to set up an awards system focused on nurturing, supporting and rewarding the wealth of talent that exists in Australia and New Zealand.

Fiddlers of all ages and styles, composers, teachers and groups, are invited annually to contest eight categories. Closing date for the 2010 awards, to be announced in Tamworth is 30 November 2009.

Visit the Golden Fiddle Awards website