Gibson Brothers – Bluegrass Unlimited

by | 9 Apr, 2010

We just received a reminder from Compass Records that earlier this year, the Gibson Brothers’ new album, Ring The Bell which was released on Compass Records went to #1 on Bluegrass Unlimited magazine’s radio airplay chart. This makes it five consecutive albums by the Gibson Brothers to have reached that position.

The Gibson Brothers are featured in this month’s edition of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine in an article by Chris Stuart.

…what a thrill for us. I have subscribed to the magazine since the early 90s, eagerly awaiting each issue, never dreaming we’d be on its cover one day. Writer Chris Stuart really did his homework, and we are humbled by the quotes from Katy Daley, Alison Brown, and Garry West. If not another word was ever devoted to us, I could hold up this issue and be proud of how we were presented. Whenever we’re interviewed, we never want to come across as boastful or full of ourselves. The entire band was interviewed, so it’s nice to see everyone’s perspective. We are humble about the music business, knowing it can turn on a dime – for the good or bad – but we’ve carved something out in workmanlike fashion. I think that came across, and we are so pleased – Eric Gibson.

This month’s Bluegrass Unlimited features:

  • The Gibson Brothers – Lifers By Chris Stuart
  • Adam Steffey – One More For The Road…And Then Some By Michael Brantley
  • Carol Beaugard – Celebrates Twenty-Five Years In Bluegrass Radio By Nancy Cardwell
  • Dick Kimmel & Adam Granger – From The Hills Of Minnesota By Len Kalakian
  • Remembering Fiddlin’ Paul Warren – A Son’s Loving Musical Tribute By Penny Parsons

Read the full article at Bluegrass Unlimited.