Garrison Keillor To Retire 2013

by | 22 Mar, 2011

We heard news today from The Associated Press, that Garrison Keillor the creator and host of the famous public radio show A Prairie Home Companion has announced plans to retire come 2013.

The tales of triumph and tragedy from the farming community of Lake Wobegon where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking and all the children are above average, is inspired by Minnesota’s Stearns County. Stories from the Lake are good for a few more years, but 68-year-old Keillor has indicated that his retirement may be imminent.

Keillor has hinted at retirement in previous times and indeed, in 1987 quit A Prairie Home Companion, only to return some two years later with a new touring production called American Radio Company of The Air. He returned to A Prairie Home Companion a few years on.

The show is broadcast from almost 600 public radio stations to over 4 million people each week.

A Prairie Home Companion was created by Garrison Keillor in 1974 and in 2009 he celebrated the show’s 35th anniversary.