Fundraising For New Sandford Marquee

by | 12 Jan, 2022

2022 Sandford Music Festival

The folks at the Sandford Music Festival are undertaking a fundraising program to help raise money to purchase a replacement marquee for the annual festival.

The festival’s Big Blue Marquee has reached its use-by-date and left them with little protection from the elements. As a result, the festival organisers are planning to buy some smaller marquees to not just replace their old one but to expand the marquee’s footprint to enlarge the undercover area.

While the organisers have raised some funding through grants and other sources, they still have a funding shortfall to cover their planned acquisitions.

To help them, they have elected to use ‘Ask The Universe’ and today have launched a fundraising project through the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF). Donations through the ACF will be recognised in print media, on their website and facebook pages. As an added bonus donations are also tax deductible.

The project aims to deliver their financial needs through what may be many small donations which will help deliver their goal.

For more information or to make a tax deductible donation visit this link.