Front Page Bluegrass Doubles Output

by | 28 Apr, 2011

After just 4 short months of broadcasting weekly updates from the world of Bluegrass Music, Front Page Bluegrass News announces a twice-weekly schedule beginning Tuesday, May 3rd.

According to Brian McNeal, the founder and News Anchor for Front Page Bluegrass, the demand from radio stations has been there since the beginning but the ability to deliver fresh news more than once a week was a concern.  “Everyday, somewhere in the world, someone is making “Bluegrass News,” McNeal said.  The word is out about this unique service for bluegrass radio news and his inbox is now overflowing with press releases and requests for coverage.

Front Page Bluegrass News is a “Headline-News Format” news program dedicated to those stories of particular interest to the bluegrass music community.  The new, twice-weekly, updates will help radio stations and bluegrass disc jockeys to deliver a fresher program to their audience.

McNeal said since launching the program in January, he’s discovered that there are more weekend bluegrass disc jockeys and radio stations programming bluegrass on Saturday and Sunday than any other time.  He said he decided that producing a new program on Tuesday and Friday of each week would better serve the market.

Front Page Bluegrass News is available to any radio station or broadcaster free of charge.  The programs are available in the popular, high quality .mp3 format for quick download times.  Programmers and disc jockeys should check here for the most recent updates.

Bluegrass news-makers, agents, managers and record label executives should send press releases and photos to Brian McNeal.