Flatt Lonesome – Flatt Lonesome Too

by | 23 Jul, 2014

Flatt Lonesome

Flatt LonesomeThe members of Flatt Lonesome say they are bound by blood, faith, marriage and years of friendship. It is a familiarity and camaraderie that is evident in their tight harmonies, stellar musicianship and collaborative showmanship. It’s also evident that these six artists genuinely enjoy one another’s company.

In a video released by Mountain Home Music Company, Kelsi, Charli, Buddy, Paul, Michael and Dominic share an insider’s view, band comments and behind-the-scenes antics in the making of their sophomore release, Flatt Lonesome Too.


We’ve definitely improved in our playing together. We feel like this is our ‘grownup’ album,” Kelsi Harrigill.

Grownup indeed. They may be young, but Flatt Lonesome Too is a collection of songs that belies the youth of the artists. Then again, their willingness to share some characteristic Flatt Lonesome silliness is a youthful delight – check the video.

Clearly, the future of Bluegrass is in capable, and good humoured, hands.