First Monday Bluegrass Club

by | 28 Jun, 2009

MondayClubNow into its third month and going strong Newcastle’s First Monday Bluegrass Club is a success. Here’s some words of encouragement from Bob Corbett the club’s organiser.

I am finding that there is a large bluegrass community has has been walking around in the wilderness just waiting for something like this to come along in Newcastle. It has been great to meet perfect strangers and become instant friends because our mutual interest in bluegrass music.

It has also been great to see the novices embrace the jam and use it to watch and learn. Whether you are an expert or a beginner it is better to be in the circle than to be sitting outside of it. Beginners, just by showing up you’ll find that everyone is accepting and appreciative of your willingness to learn and grow as a bluegrass playerBob, Monday Bluegrass Club.