Fingerstyle Pickathon – Imbil

by | 29 May, 2010

Submitted  by Wendy Holman, Qld.

Fingerstyle Pickathon took place in Imbil, Queensland on the 21st to 23rd  May this year.

Despite a couple of thunderstorms on the Friday, the weather was kind to us for the rest of the weekend and the first Fingerstyle Pickathon was judged a great success.

Pickers came from as far north as Bundaberg, and as far south-west as Toowoomba. There were no formal locations or set times for jamming. This relaxed atmosphere stimulated new friendships – folks wandered in and out of each others campsites with their instruments, keen to have a go at harmonising and even willing to play the same song again.

The majority of pickers were from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast – some of them professional-level musicians.  More skilled pickers were generous in sharing their knowledge and folks of all skill levels were able to join in.

Some comments received by email after the weekend:

  • get-togethers like these are a great help to all levels of players
  • very laid-back weekend with some nice music and good friends
  • it was a really encouraging experience – everyone was so supportive.
  • what a lovely bunch of people.
  • we had so much fun!  Great concept and do we have to wait a whole year for the next?”
  • liked the idea making it participants only.  My partner hates being oggled at festivals and won’t go but he had a great time at this event.

On the wish list for the next Fingerstyle Pickathon; a fiddle player or two. Thanks to all who participated and here’s to the next one.