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Fiction, John Cowan

A New Single From John Cowan – Fiction.

True Lonesome Records has released a new single from John Cowan today. The single, and title track for the forthcoming album, Fiction was co-written by John Cowan and Eddie Sanders. It takes the listener on a thrilling journey through its compelling musicianship, cunning melodies, and the ever-sublime vocals of the great John Cowan.

Fiction, John CowanCultivating an experimental new sound that melted into the bluegrass genre and coined the phrase Newgrass more than four decades ago, John Cowan’s career may be one of the most influential and well-respected of our time.

In 2024, John signed on with Nashville-based record label, True Lonesome Records, to record a new solo project, his first since 2010’s Sixty. He met label executive Eddie Sanders through partner Scott Vestal when Eddie asked him to sing harmony on his solo project.

The genesis of the song is that Eddie (Sanders) and I had sat down to write a song for this new recording that eventually was titled Fiction. I have been a voracious reader my whole adult life. I was discussing with Eddie the problem of living in a world at this time, which is confounding, scary & frustrating.

My expansive bookcase is loaded with non-fiction books. I had just said to him that I can hardly stand to pick up these two new books I’d bought cause I didn’t feel like I needed any more affirmation about the state of our country and the world. What I needed was an escape to a place of commonality with the people I’ve encountered and my loved ones. I think we did a good job on it and that’s all I know for now except, I always believe in hope and grace – John Cowan.

Cowan’s new release has been charting strongly on Roots Music Report and is currently sitting at number seven on the Contemporary Song Chart and number eight on the Bluegrass Overall Song Chart, and radio, including satellite, terrestrial and streaming, have been showing their excitement over the new track with considerable rotation.

Available worldwide today, fans can download and stream Fiction from popular online distributors and stay up-to-date on all the news through Cowan’s website, and with True Lonesome Records online or on social media.

About John Cowan:

Historically, Cowan, with bandmates Sam Bush, Courtney Johnson, Curtis Burch, Bela Fleck and Pat Flynn, launched New Grass Revival welcoming millions of new fans to the genre with their captivating brand of bluegrass. Their music changed the face of the genre forever. And John Cowan has the voice that has enchanted audiences for decades.

A vocal luminary like John comes along once in a lifetime and his ability to remain fluent in all styles of music with his singing has led him to perform and record in country, bluegrass, and gospel to soul, jazz, and rock. The list of his collaborations is extensive and he has been named as an influence for some of the most high-profile artists in the world. He is a member of the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame.

John returned to touring with the Doobie Brothers as their bassist and harmony vocalist in 2010, after having played for them briefly in the 90’s. When John’s not on the road with the legendary rock band, he has spent his time playing with his band, The John Cowan Band, as well as resuming his role as a notable Nashville session musician and harmony vocalist for artists such as Garth Brooks, Wynonna, Steve Earle, Rosanne Cash, Delbert McClinton, Rodney Crowell and Travis Tritt. Fans will also see Cowan on stage often collaborating with other bluegrass and Americana acts like Darin & Brooke Aldridge, prior bandmate, Sam Bush, and most recently The HercuLeons, with Andrea Zonn.


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