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2024 Bean Blossom Festival

The 59th Annual Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival commenced on Wednesday, June 12th in Bean Blossom, Indiana. It was a beautiful weekend for bluegrass and a beautiful weekend to pay tribute to Bill Monroe, to the history of this place, and to all it means to the music industry at the 2024 Bean Blossom Festival.

Sandford Festival Looks For Secretary Administrator

Wanted: Secretary/Administrator For The Sandford Bush Music Festival Sandford Bush Music Festival is seeking the talents of a secretary and administration manager. After 8 years their existing secretary is resigning, effective 7th July. Festival organisers state that...

2024 ABOTMA Songwriting Competition

From 1st July, 2024, ABOTMA is introducing The 2024 ABOTMA Songwriting Competition. The objective is to encourage artists to develop their own sound and story with results announced at the 2024 Mountaingrass Festival.

Lark Distillery To Sponsor Mountaingrass

In a match sown from serendipity, Mountaingrass welcomes a new sponsor, Lark Distillery. The folks at Lark Distillery has been working on their whisky for over 32 years.