Eddie Adcock’s favorite Christmas Memories

by | 13 Dec, 2008

Earlier this year we spotted a story on Eddie Adcock’s brain surgery. The Bluegrass journal has a new post on Eddie’s Christmas memories.

The first new store-bought shirt I ever had of my very own, I got for Christmas when I was 10 years old. It was good flannel, white and dark gray and purple, really pretty. I really liked that shirt. I might have had other store-bought shirts before that, but they would have been hand-me-downs from my brothers.

Mama used to make almost all our clothes. She was good at it, too. You couldn’t really tell the difference between her’s and store-bought, even though my shirts were made out of flour sacks. And when summer came, she’d cut the sleeves off, and then she;’d sew ’em back on when winter came.
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