Dueling Stringbusters to the USA

by | 26 May, 2010

John Werner & Garry Roberts from Victoria’s Strzelecki Stringbusters are heading east to tour the Southern USA on what they describe as the music odyssey of a life time.

We have asked them to provide us with a few updates on their travels to inspire and inform those of us wishing and wondering about our next venture across the Pacific.
John writes:

Our wonderful family’s have given us a month’s leave of absence to take in Blues in Mississppi, Cajun & Zdeco in Louisana, and ultimatly Old Time & Bluegrass in Tennessee, Virgina & Kentucky. Hopefully we’ll make it back home. {hopefully they’ll want to come back home – editor}
We’ll be attending several pre-scheduled events & festivals, but mainly the trip is about getting out into the small southern communities, receiving that famous Southern hospitality and hooking into some grass roots community jamming. I’ve teed up a great old Kay bass from a friend in Hillsville VA , and will be carting it around in our RV as we seek out community based music. There’ll hopefully be a nice Martin guitar or two purchased along the way.
By writing about our experiences and sharing it with your readers, we hope to encourage other Aussie’s who may be thinking of making the trip. Anyone caring to get in touch with any tips, comments or questions can catch me at jw*******@gm***.com. Stay tuned….