Doug Wallace Profile

by | 3 Dec, 2011

We have just finished our interview with Australia’s Doug Wallace who has played a significant role in Australia’s music scene.

Doug Wallace at the National Folk Fest - 1998

Doug Wallace

When the folk music revival began sweeping the world in the 1960′s Doug became involved in Folk, Jazz and Country music. He was listening to tunes from American bands such as The New Lost City Ramblers who also toured to Australia. He also had access to friends’ record collections featuring Jimmy Rogers, A.P. Carter, The Delmore Brothers, Louvin Brothers and the Monroe Brothers. Doug’s musical pursuits changed as his banjo playing buddies converted to three finger style banjo, mirroring bluegrass music developments in the USA – Australian Bluegrass Profiles.
We invite you to read the full and extraordinary article in Australian Bluegrass Profiles.