Donna Ulisse Song Writing Escape

by | 9 Jan, 2016

SongWritingOnly rarely does a person with a heart for music and songwriting get the opportunity to join with kindred spirits and learn from someone who is blazing the path ahead of them, someone with both the artistic talent and technical skills to help lift the aspiring writer to greater heights, provide them with tools to perfect their craft and give them the confidence to share their work with others.

Grammy- and IBMA-nominated songwriter and recording artist Donna Ulisse is making that opportunity available to those who would like to learn. On three different occasions in 2016, she will hold Donna Ulisse’s Songwriting Escape events, and the time to sign up is NOW. For more information about how to learn the art of songwriting from one of the most prolific and talented writers in acoustic music, visit Song Writing Escape.

If you have ever dreamed of sitting in a room filled with souls excited about music and songwriting, sharing ideas that might drive you down different paths where you will improve your craft, and develop new relationships with people who hold the same passion for something as personal as songwriting, you need to join the Songwriting Escape Songwriting and Instrumental Workshops.