Dixie Bee-Liners – CD Release

by | 5 Nov, 2009

Dixie Bee-Liners – Susanvilledixiebee

Last month we brought you news of the Dixie Bee-Liners CD project to be released this month. News from Pinecastle Records is that The Dixie Bee-Liners’ second full-length work, Susanville, is available today.

The concept album peers into the cars and trucks in America’s cities and towns, bringing to life 19 breathtaking musical moments along America’s interstates and byways. The band employs its signature blend of hooks and harmonies, exploring themes such as escape, adventure, memory, and regret.

It’s a soundtrack to a movie that plays in your mind. Each song is a vignette about a different person in a different car or truck in a different highway in America, and they’re all headed either to or from Susanville – mandolin player and co-founder Buddy Woodward.

Pinecastle Records assures us that in true Bee-Liner fashion, the band promises to deliver its custom blend of traditional and contemporary sounds. Expect banjos, fiddles, guitars, and mandolins. But,  also bouzoukis, dulcimers, cellos, and a few other instrumental surprises. Also, look for cameo appearances by Grammy winner John Jorgenson, plus ’60s country songstress Kay Adams, and Wayne Wilson of Buck Owens’ Buckaroos.

Susanville is the first of several bluegrass concept records we’ve been planning. It’s all about journeys and destinations. If you can imagine being able to look down into every car on the highway and tell the stories of the people inside, that’s what Susanville is like. lead singer Brandi Hart.

You can preview tracks from the album on the Pinecastle Records Website.