Plug In For 2 New Banjos From Deering

by | 16 Nov, 2009

DeeringElectircsDeering Banjo Company reports that they have been asked for many years for a way to amplify the sound of their banjos but without feedback problems and with out losing much of that wonderful acoustic sound. In answer to this request, Deering has introduced two new models.

The first is the Deering Sierra Acoustic / Electric with factory installed humbucker pickups so you can now rock the stage.

It made sense to create an acoustic electric out of our top selling, professional level banjo, the Sierra.  Now pros and aspiring pros alike can have the best of both worlds in one package. This Sierra was designed from the ground up to provide the sweet acoustic sound and the ability to amplify that sound, no matter the venue.  The humbucker has the power to drive amps and pedals and explore new avenues for that player who wants to push the envelope.  Guitar players feel at home with our new Sierra A / E as for years they have enjoyed this option with acoustic guitars.  Now both guitar and banjo players can enjoy the best of both worlds and not have to lug two different instruments from gig to gig.  No dials and knobs to fiddle with on this banjo just plug in and go – Deering Banjo Company.

Deering has also introduced the Deering Goodtime to the electrics.

As most of our banjo models, the GT A/E is borne out of a need heard from our players. The need we often heard was the player wanted to enjoy their acoustic sound and yet still be able to amplify it when need be without the normal feedback problems and electrified sound most experienced using off the shelf pickups. Kavanjo has now provided the tool that we can install here at the factory and deliver to our dealers in an all-in-one unit created to solve these problems. Normally this option is reserved for higher-end instruments but when artist Terry Baucom tells us  that he could play on stage with this Goodtime banjo it sounds so good, we knew we had to make this banjo available to everyone Deering Banjo Company.

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