Deering “Eagle” Banjo Soars with New Patent Pending Tone Ring

by | 1 Apr, 2010

Deering has has announced a new original Deering patent-pending tone ring design that has been created from a special brass alloy.

Deering’s new maple ‘Eagle’ banjo sings with an unexpected brightness, clarity, and powerful projection that most listeners will be stopped in their tracks! Everything about the Eagle banjo is new and different – Deering Banjos.

The traditional Deering flange design has been replaced with a shoe and plate style flange with the Eagle hole pattern which is a softly flowing 6-pointed ribbon pattern evenly spaced throughout the nickel plating. The maple wood of the neck and resonator are stained in a rich brown and enhanced with a high gloss finish.

The banjo also features a new engraved inlay pattern designed by Greg Deering in a Victorian style dresses the ebony fingerboard. This newest inlay illustrates not only the master’s touch, but is a salute to the rich traditions of early-American art and banjo craftsmanship.

You can read the full article on the Deering website.