Deering Banjo Company Survey

by | 19 Jun, 2009

Deering Banjo Company is seeing the beginnings of a new wave of banjo interest around the world as well as a renaissance in banjo making that is very exciting according to Greg and Janet Deering.

Besides just making and selling banjos, one of our goals has always been to return the banjo to it’s prominence it once enjoyed when it was the #1 most popular instrument around the world. Spreading the shear joy of playing the banjo so that many more can experience it, seems in our minds a worthwhile effort.
Now more than ever our world could use a little relief and that’s one of the things the banjo has always provided. We hope you agree and will take just a moment to answer three questions. Your opinions are important in helping us to better understand what it will take to expose more people to the banjo and keep this interest growing
Greg and Janet Deering.

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