Davidson Brothers Planning Another CD

by | 26 Jul, 2010

I caught up with Hamish Davidson at Redlands Festival this year and he talked a little about the Davidson Brothers’ plans to produce a new CD later in 2010 which they hope to release in early in 2011.

In September this year, the boys plan to head to Nashville once again, to meet up with producer Mark Thornton, who has produced the last three of their four albums.

Born To Play, their last CD with a somewhat country music feel, featured several guest musicians such as Bryan Sutton, Randy Kohrs, Kevin Grant, Jef Taylor and Pat Bergeson. As successful as this album has been, it was a very time consuming project for the group having so many artists involved. The brothers aim to keep the next venture simple, utilising at least one guest musician with whom they have not worked with before.

The album will be similar to their third album Raised on the Road, with a mostly bluegrass content and the feel and sound of a live concert.

We are writing at the moment, and the repertoire is going to be mostly bluegrass. We will be releasing the album at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January 2011 – Hamish Davidson.