Davidson Brothers to Play Spicks and Specks

by | 10 Aug, 2010

Spicks and Specks on ABC TV – 1st Sep 2010.

The Davidson Brothers will be the feature act on Spicks and Specks in September.

What is Spicks and Specks? It’s a TV quiz show which features two of three people as they sing, shout and delve deep into the recesses of their collective memories to help earn their teams an extremely inglorious victory.

Whether discussing the lyrical genius of Gilbert and Sullivan, The Beatles or just how a musician can choke on a harmonica, no musical genre is overlooked. Featuring video clips, album covers, and information you never thought anyone could know the answer to, Spicks and Specks enlightens and entertains – and exposes the world of music like never before. It often features a live band or musical ensemble playing versions of tunes which the teams also need to guess or deduce the names of.

Adam Hills, one of Australia’s favourite comedians and winner of Edinburgh’s Best of the Fest award, is joined by two team captains, comedian and actor Alan Brough and radio breakfast announcer Myf Warhurst, as well as brave personalities who enjoy having long forgotten embarrassing stories laughed about on national television.

This was an experience. It humbles you when you realise that for the 7 people you see on telly, there’s a heap of people running around behind the scenes making sure everthing runs smoothly. They really looked after us. It was a fun, and exciting place to take bluegrass – Hamish Davidson.