David Parmley To 615 Hideaway Records.

by | 9 Jun, 2022

David Parmley

615 Hideaway Records has signed David Parmley to a multi-album deal with the label. Parmley is now finishing up recording new music at Scott Vestal’s Digital Underground studio with some of the top musicians in Bluegrass music today. The debut single from David Parmley on 615 Hideaway Records is expected to be released sometime in June.

David Parmley began his musical career at age 15 and by the time he turned 17, he began his full-time career as a member of The Bluegrass Cardinals. That band featured his father, Don Parmley, and David’s lead and baritone voice was the backbone to The Bluegrass Cardinal sound. During a 25-year period The Bluegrass Cardinals recorded 18 albums and the material is considered the finest to come out of the 70’s and 80’s Bluegrass era.

David Parmley left The Bluegrass Cardinals in the 90’s to pursue a solo career leaning more towards a modern approach to Bluegrass Music. David Parmley and Continental Divide topped the Bluegrass Charts throughout the 90’s and now Parmley is back and excited to be recording again and creating new music as well as keeping the family tradition alive.

Being back in the studio and making some great new music has been so much fun! I’m so excited to have signed with 615 Hideaway Records. I want to thank the label and Sammy Passamano 3 for this opportunity and am looking forward to a bright future with them – David Parmley.

About David Parmley

Ask any bluegrass fan to list their top 5 singers and rhythm guitar players, and there’s a very strong likelihood David Parmley’s name will be on it. He is a masterful, nuanced, vocalist and interpreter of both traditional and contemporary bluegrass, and an industry mainstay for over 40 years.

David was born in southern California, February 1st, 1959, and raised on a musical diet of first-generation bluegrass. He developed an early interest in the artform and was singing perfect harmony parts by the age of 8. Under the guidance and encouragement of his father, journeyman banjoist, Don Parmley, David honed his skills, and co-founded his first professional band, the Bluegrass Cardinals, who released its first commercial recording, all before he was old enough to hold a valid driver’s license.

By 1976 the Bluegrass Cardinals were well on their way to establishing their mark as a top tier act and David’s emotive voice was attracting international acclaim. In their legendary career, the Bluegrass Cardinals released 18 full-length recordings, and David collaborated on 2 successful solo projects.

Musical talent in the extreme is often restless, needing room to grow, and so too was it for David. In the early 90’s David left the Cardinals to seek a new direction with wider commercial appeal yet retaining his musical heritage and roots. It took a couple of years to find the right combination, but when he did, David moved quickly to form Continental Divide, whose decidedly more contemporary debut project received rave reviews the moment it was released. During its successful 17-year run, Continental Divide released 8 additional projects, maintained a rigorous touring schedule, and acquired a legion of loyal fans.

However, in 2012, David felt it was time to take some extended time off to scale back, take a long look at changes within the industry and maybe, just maybe rechart a new course. To keep his chops up and scratch his musical itch, he formed David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition that toured more for fun than career. The covid pandemic put an abrupt end to that endeavor, as it did for everyone. The good news is that it gave David more time to reflect on where, or if he wanted his career to go when the shutdown ended.