Daryl Mosley – A Few Years Ago

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Daryl Mosley releases new video.

Daryl Mosley

For more than three decades, award-winning singer-songwriter Daryl Mosley has applied his warm-as-country-sunshine voice and thoughtful lyrics to a wealth of memorable material. Throughout the ’90s, he toured as lead vocalist/bass player with much-celebrated Bluegrass group The New Tradition then joined the legendary Osborne Brothers in 2001. In 2010, Mosley formed The Farm Hands, which quickly became one of the most awarded bands in Bluegrass. Now, with The Secret of Life, he steps into the solo spotlight with a song collection driven by sincere, compelling storytelling built on a solid Bluegrass foundation.

Calling Daryl Mosley a singer/songwriter is only correct in the most basic sense. Daryl is a gifted songwriter and storyteller who paints vivid pictures of life as it could be, used to be, or might have been. He’s not flashy; just a man with a guitar, a voice as smooth as molasses in winter, and some exquisitely-crafted songs that resonate deeply with people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether performing at an auditorium, festival, church, or songwriting venue, Mosley’s affable personality and remarkable songs engage the listener in a way that few artists can. For Mosley, A Few Years Ago is all about accepting both the good and the bad of the past and moving forward with your life as a better person.

 Shooting this in a moving vehicle seemed to be the perfect metaphor . . . you can still see the past in the rear-view mirror, but you’re moving farther away from it toward an unknown future. Older and hopefully wiser – Daryl Mosley.

Mosley has written six #1 songs, been honored as Songwriter of the Year twice and earned three Song of the Year awards (SPBGMA). Lynn Anderson, Bobby Osborne, Josh Williams, the Booth Brothers and Carolina Blue are among the many artists who have recorded Mosley’s songs.

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  1. bill ault

    I really like this song. I sort of recognized the voice from thre Farm Hands “I can’t go home any more”.
    Where can I get the lyrics?