DAB+ for HiFi Systems

by | 2 May, 2009

I ran across this media release this week on the future of digital radio.

Danish brand, Maximum, has launched the MR-2000 digital radio tuner, its first product in Australia, through its Australian agent MSML. The MR-2000 is a digital radio tuner which integrates with existing hi-fi systems to receive digital radio, internet radio, as well help unlock the music collections people have on their computers says Anthony Notaras, Managing Director of MSML.

With digital radio starting in Australian capital cities in May, there are few hi-fi systems on the market with digital audio broadcasting (DAB+) functionality. The MR-2000 can be simply attached to an amplifier, the same way they would connect a CD player, to give both new and older units instant digital radio output.
Its benefits are not limited to DAB+ radio though. It is designed to upgrade a hi-fi system so you can listen to the radio and music from all new digital sources: you can listen to internet radio without a PC, play the music stored on your computer through your hi-fi system and even play music stored on a USB drive.
Anthony Notaras, www.msml.com.au

Users will be able to search by station name rather than frequency. Radio stations will transmit information which will display on the MR-2000’s screen such as the song title and artist, program information, news, sport, weather, traffic and advertisers’ details. Internet radio is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Currently over 12,000 radio stations are broadcasting over the internet from 179 Countries in over 70 languages.