Cybergrass Celebrates 20 Years

by | 5 Sep, 2012

The Bluegrass Music News Network, Cybergrass, Celebrates 20 Years of Bluegrass Music on the Web

On Sunday, 9th September 2012, Cybergrass will celebrate 20 years of promoting bluegrass music on the world-wide web. The bluegrass music site is maintained by Bob Cherry, currently based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It started out as a learning and research project and has evolved into one of the most popular bluegrass web sites in the world. The site has a loyal following with many of the readers having been with the site for over a decade. The website frequently covers happenings and news events around Bristol, TN/VA, along The Crooked Road, The Carter Family Fold and all the festivals surrounding Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the Appalachian Region.

This year will also be the 16th year that the site has webcast the International Bluegrass Music Awards Show. The delayed coverage allows fans from around the globe to listen at their convenience to the big event in Bluegrass. Cybergrass was the first site to ever webcast an awards show (Grammys in 1995) and the only site to have carried the IBMA event every year since 1996.

Cybergrass, the world’s oldest bluegrass music web site, changed over to a data driven format in July 2003. During that transition, they also changed the domain name to Since then, the site saw explosive growth accumulating over 16 million page views since July 2003. The site recently upgraded again to its current format.

The site’s registered users access the site every day and at all hours due to its international following. Bob Cherry, owner of Cybergrass, credits the site’s popularity and growth to the vision and history of the site. Cherry has actively been promoting bluegrass music for 20 years and that is a great testament to Cybergrass and the wonderful service he has provided to the bluegrass community.

The site has a history of “firsts” on the web and certainly in bluegrass. We’re the site that others try to copy which, recently occurred when another site was copying every bit of content every day to their own. That means we’re obviously doing something right – Bob Cherry, Cybergrass.

Just a few of the accomplishments and achievements of the site are:

  • The first bluegrass web site (9th September, 1992)
  • The first web site to carry a music awards show (Grammys)
  • The first web site to carry the IBMA awards show
  • The first web site licensed (BMI) to carry music on the net
  • The first web site to have a free, data driven event calendar online
  • The first web site to carry artist profiles
  • The first web site to carry bluegrass music news
  • The first web site to syndicate bluegrass content
  • The first web site to carry syndicated bluegrass news from others

Help Cybergrass celebrate 20 years. Visit the new, clean, and easy to read web site of bluegrass music news.┬áVisit Cybergrass at either or – Where There’s Always Something New in Bluegrass.