‘Cumberland’ to Aid Nashville Flood Relief

by | 13 Jun, 2010

When Randy Kohrs, one of Nashville’s most multi-faceted artists, selected the song Cumberland for his latest CD, Quicksand, released on Rural Rhythm records, little did he know what an impact that song would potentially make.  The devastating floods in May this year, left much of the Nashville area in ruins, with much of the destruction caused by overflow from the Cumberland river, which winds through the heart of the city.  Retroactive from May through the month of July, all proceeds from the downloading of Kohrs’ recording of Cumberland will be donated to the Nashville flood relief through the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Penned by songwriter Dennis Duff, Kohrs, a Grammy-winning producer and world-renowned resonator guitarist, heard the song years ago when he actually sang the demo version. The beautiful lyrics and memorable melody stayed with him and he kept it for himself.

As we bailed water for several hours out of my studio during the flood, I kept checking the news, watching the river rise, realizing that the few inches of water I had to deal with was absolutely nothing compared to what so many others were going through. My studio was back up and running just a few days later, while hundreds of others are still wondering how they’re ever going to get back on their feet. The song talks about the river being gentle at one moment, then raging the next, and there’s really nothing that man can do to stop it. I thought that maybe, through this song, it could at least help pay back a little of what it took – Randy Kohrs.

All proceeds from all paid downloads of Cumberland within the aforementioned time frame will be donated to the flood relief efforts through the Community Foundation. For more information, or to make a separate donation, visit  www.cfmt.org/floodrelief/.  To hear a clip of Cumberland and more from Randy Kohrs, visit www.randykohrs.com.