Cumberland River Joins Rural Rhythm

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Rural Rhythm Records has signed up Cumberland River and will soon release details of their upcoming album.

The group includes the instrumental, songwriting and vocal talents of James Dean, Joseph Jones, Dunstan Middleton, Jamie Stewart and Andy Buckner. the group has been in the studio with producer, Steve Gully recording their new album.

…they are real mountain men with a story to tell and a unique, special way of telling it. If you’re looking for pure, honest music full of unabashed emotion, look no further. You’ve found it! Cumberland River is raw emotion personified –  Steve Gulley.

Fans heard the band perform their original song, Justified, in the opening scene of the 2nd March, 2011 episode of the FX Network’s TV drama, Justified.  Steve Gulley shared some special behind the scenes tidbits about the band’s recent recording sessions including re-recording Justified that includes some cool boot stomping. That is just one of the many ways this new version exudes the rootsy power that is Cumberland River

Due to overwhelming fan requests and excitement for this new version, Rural Rhythm has gone ahead and made the song available now for digital purchase as a special pre-album promotion. The song is also available to Radio via

The song actually came about as a result of an invitation to perform for the writers and producers of Justified, while in Harland gathering information for the show.  With only 24 hours to spare before their performance, Cumberland River got together and composed Justified in a style that certainly fits the show.   Since that time, five additional songs from their 2010 self released album have been included on the Wednesday, 6th April 2011 episode which will air on the FX Network.

Cumberland River‘s upcoming new project will include a collection of heart felt songs and haunting ballads written by the band and their family members taken from their life experiences and campfire stories from Harlan County.

We feel this is a dream come true for the band. We could never have imagined we would be on a major label working with some of the best bands in bluegrass, and working with such an awesome producer as Steve Gulley. We are truly humbled that Rural Rhythm is willing to take a chance on bunch of country boys from the mountains of Harlan, Kentucky – Cumberland River.

For more information on Rural Rhythm Records and for radio request, please contact Sammy Passamano III at Rural Rhythm Records.

Listen to the Cumberland River clip of Justified.Cumberland River – Justified

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