Country Music Goodness Interviews Earl Scruggs

by | 21 Sep, 2008

While trawling the Internet, one runs across many and varied sites. From time to time there are a few gems that emerge. Country Music is one of those gems.

CMG an online source for interviews, album reviews, concert reviews, news, viewing, slandering, loving, and all other things that are great in the country music world.

The CMG website describes them and having a heart-beat for all things country music, and that is all across the genre board of what is called Country.We will be covering Classic country, Texas Country, Americana, Old Timey, High Lonesome, Folk, Bluegrass, Nashvillesqe country, indie country.

A fine job they have done too. Catch the interview with Earl Scruggs which starts off:

Country Music Goodness: What kind of music do you like?

Earl Scruggs: My real soul satisfying music would be bluegrass but I like any good country music, country I’m talking about. I like the other kind but I don’t understand it quite as well.

CMG: Do you love rap?

Earl Scruggs: What’s rap?

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