Counterfeit Martin Guitars

by | 27 Feb, 2011

Chinese Company Creates Counterfeit Martin Guitars

Martin Guitars has been manufacturing its famous range of acoustic guitars for 175 years. When recently attempting to register the name in China begin exporting Martin CEO found that someone had already registered the name and was manufacturing guitars under the famous USA brand name.

The US Government’s examination of the situation reveals that the Chinese Government is sanctioning the counterfeiting.

A Chinese national has high-jacked our brand, and is making – unfortunately – poorly made copies of Martin guitars with my families name on them – CEO of Martin Guitar, C.F. Martin.

C.F. Martin & Co. has been fighting since 2005 to register its name with the Chinese government however, China, like some other nations, grants trademarks on a first come first served basis, with little regard to intellectual property rights. When Martin sought to register its trademark in China in 2005, it was refused, because a knockoff Martin manufacturer was already in business.