Could I Knock On Your Door – Jeremy Stephens

by | 25 Sep, 2021

Jeremy Stephens New Release

Rebel Records released a video for Jeremy Stephens’ first single Could I Knock on Your Door from his recent solo album How I Hear It.

Could I Knock on Your Door is a wistful lament that tells the story of a man pining for his lost love. While the song sounds like a long-lost Reno & Smiley classic, it is actually a fairly new number written by Cecil Hall, who was a dear friend and mentor to Stephens.

Stephens arranged Could I Knock on Your Door and shows off his remarkable musical versatility, playing guitar, banjo, mandolin, and singing lead vocals on the number. Joining him are Corrina Rose Logston singing harmony vocals, Hunter Berry on fiddle, and Mike Bub handling the bass duties.

When it came time to make the video, Stephens and Logston, his wife and fellow High Fidelity bandmate, co-producer, and one might argue muse, turned to Warren Swann who has done the videography and production for all of High Fidelity’s videos.

We tossed around a lot of ideas for a storyline on the video and never totally settled on anything solid. It was amazing watching our friend and wonderful videographer Warren Swann scripting the video on the spot, telling us each what to do, while at the same time racing the sun as it was setting in the west – Jeremy Stephens.
The suspense of the knock on the door at the beginning isn’t fulfilled until Corrina walks up during banjo break to sit down beside Jeremy and finish the song together – Warren Swan.

While fans of High Fidelity may know that Corinna and Jeremy are married, they are rarely treated to the glimpse of the pure joy in their relationship that this video offers.

Making this video was particularly special to me, because it was sort of like revisiting my early years in Nashville when Corrina and I were first dating and spending time together. We shot it at Sevier Park which was a place that we used to frequent. I even pulled out our old Schwinn Twinn double bicycle that we used to ride for a few of the shots – Jeremy Stephens.

Watch the video for Could I Knock on Your Door below, and listen to/purchase Jeremy’s new album How I Hear It here.