Corn Nut Creek – Feels Like Travelling Home

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Corn Nut Creek (photo by Ian Fisk) launch new EP.

Corn Nut Creek CDAustralian-based singer-songwriter old-time and bluegrass duo Corn Nut Creek have launched their first EP, Feels Like Travelling Home, a collection of five bright and fresh original folk tracks. This new album is unique mix of old-timey Appalachia-style tunes, soulful melodies and hard fiddle-driven Bluegrass.

Melbourne-based Tanya Bradley and Sydney-based Danielle Vita met nine years ago in Hong Kong, where they played together as part of the Dulcet Tone Collective, a modern five-piece folk orchestra. It was here they discovered their mutual love of folk and bluegrass music and the seeds of a beautiful and creative partnership were planted.
They have been performing, collaborating and writing music together for the greater part of 10 years.

Feels Like Travelling Home is their first studio EP and includes heartfelt odes to young motherhood, such as Baby Blue and Belong To You, while fiddle medley Chicken In The Kitchen/ Harper & Louis add an upbeat kick in the middle of the playlist. Other tracks, such as The House is Falling Down and Nowhere to Go, continue in the bluegrass and Americana folk music traditions of Alison Krauss and I’m With Her.

My favourite song on the album would have to be Baby Blue. I wanted to write a song that embraced the way I felt when my son was first born and how until that moment I never felt alone. This intense feeling inspired the song and the lyrics really emanated from that. That song really speaks to me the most. When I wrote it, I had the idea that I wanted there to be a fiddle tune that weaved throughout the song. Tanya is always amazing at thinking of the perfect fiddle melody for any given situation, so her addition of this lilting fiddle tune was really amazing – Danielle Vita.

I think my favourite track on our EP is the instrumental. There are two tunes that I wrote in this instrumental and the first one was always known as G Tune, which is probably the world’s most boring title- Until Danielle asked me to think of a title for it. I asked my husband and he thought it sounded kind of like a chicken and I thought… Chicken in the Kitchen, because Danielle and I really love to cook and create things in the kitchen. The second tune is actually about our children Harper and Louis playing together at the Nariel Creek Folk Festival and just having a really great time riding their bikes. Really lovely happy memories of that time together – Tanya Bradley.

Corn Nut Creek features the artful banjo work of Tanya Bradley and Danielle Vita’s masterful fiddle playing. This of itself it a treat, but add to this mix the band’s sweet and evocative vocals, with harmonies so tight it is hard to tell them apart, this duo is impressive as is this album, their first EP.

Corn Nut Creek’s debut album Feels Like Travelling Home can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, and Deezer. 

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