Cole Clark Guitar Review

by | 21 Mar, 2009 | 1 comment

coleclarkThis months Acoustic Guitar Magazine features a  review of an Aussie made guitar, the Cole Clark, Fat Lady FL2AC Dreadnought.

Many of us are very familiar with the great work our Australian luthiers produce, some from unique Australian hardwoods, and it’s great to see another team gain some international recognition.

In closing the review sums up:

The Cole Clark FL2AC is a great package for a versatile guitarist. The guitar’s acoustic range is impressive and it brims with unique tones that range from dry and precise to chimey and harmonically rich. Amplified, the FL2AC was a forgiving, plug-and-play performer—capable of delivering warm, clear, and balanced sounds for strumming or subtle fingerstyle without constant preamp tinkering. The guitar’s unusual synthesis of construction techniques and tonewoods suggests that Cole Clark has put a lot of time into creating a signature voice. – Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

Read the review at Acoustic Guitar Magazine

1 Comment

  1. Trevor

    It’s the world beating “Face brace P/up” that’s the cherry on top. The
    acoustic sound is striking. Well balanced with a bass that’s full of
    “Spank” not a wet fart. But plug the guitar in and the guitar “talks”
    and answers every nuance of your playing.It picks up all of your rhythmic
    dynamics. Every thing you put in comes out of the P.A. Hey I own a music
    store and I play Cole Clark. Sensational home grown value!