Chris Hillman in Brisbane Times

by | 5 Mar, 2012

Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen

The bluegrass is always greener.Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen

Here is an article on Chris Hillman and a great interview in the Brisbane Times this week.

One of the greatest stories in American music begins like this: ”In the autumn of 1964, a 19-year-old bluegrass-adept and mandolin virtuoso named Chris Hillman stood at the corner of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Kirkwood Drive contemplating a ‘For rent’ sign on a telephone pole.”

The vacancy to which Michael Walker alludes in his 2006 book, Laurel Canyon, was at the crossroads of folk and rock’n’roll. The band Hillman was about to join would change the course of popular music by treating young Bob Dylan’s freewheeling American poetry to the incoming jangle and harmony of the Beatles.

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