Chasing Music – Jan Dale

by | 22 Jun, 2021 | 2 comments

Jan Dale, PBS FM’s long standing radio host, and bluegrass and old-time music aficionado has released a book on her travels and discoveries through the USA. Her search for music, entertainment and discovery in a new land became a life changing experience. What started as an exploration of America, its music, people and scenery quickly became a journey of self discovery.

In 1992, I packed up her life, headed to America and bought myself a little campervan.
Hitting the open road I travelled 160,000 miles across 48 states, discovering Bluegrass and Cajun music, honky-tonks, juke joints and rodeos, dancing and romancing and camping in strange places – Jan Dale.

You have a natural gift for narrative. Your story rockets along and delights in its observations and anecdotes. This is a marvellous story and deserves to be read – Phillip Adams.

About the Jan Dale:

Jan Dale is an internationally recognised Australian radio producer/presenter. Her award- winning show, Southern Style, can be heard on Melbourne’s PBS FM 106.7 and

Jan has been MC at various Bluegrass events in U.S. and Australia and has written many articles for the American magazine Bluegrass Unlimited, and for a variety of other magazines.

Jan is an adventurous traveller, having been to over 70 countries, often backpacking alone.

Chasing Music is available through all major online sites and local bookstores.

  • RRP: $29.95
  • ebook: $6.99


  1. Peter Somerville

    This book is a great read! I couldn’t put it down , highly recommend for those into the music but also anyone who is looking for a fun page turner.

  2. Lin

    This is a fantastic read,makes me want to pack up and take off on a journey.
    How intrepid and gutsy to leave her world behind in search of adventure.
    Her stories and anecdotes are hilarious and I’m jealous.

    Can’t recommend this book highly enough.